Sustainability = Quality + Environment!

In order to achieve high standards of environmental impact and quality from our customers and society, the environmental and quality objectives must be an integrated part of the quality and environmental management system.

We are certified according to ISO-9001 since august 2000, and according to ISO-14001 since January 2002. We have continuously been evaluated by a 3rd part to ensure that we work properly and develop our processes over time.

Our conclusions are that the sum of a systematic environmental work and a systematic quality work will be greater than the parts themselves and will lead to sustainability over time!

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We have been working with quality assurance of our business long before anybody knew what an ISO certificate was. We were inspired early to work with LEAN principles and our goal is to continuously improve.

  • A quality assured manufacturing process creates the right conditions for efficient production.
  • Predictable deliveries of products of the right quality and quantity reduce the risk of scrapping and extra work. Also, the need for extra transport is directly linked to this.


Our operations and our manufacturing processes are designed so that energy and raw materials are used efficiently with minimal waste. We are continuously investing in new machines that have better performance and lower energy consumption. This also provides access to more efficient software used in the analysis and preparation stages before manufacturing for better material utilization and more efficient manufacturing.

Chemicals in our operations are handled according to our procedures for new procurement with risk assessments, necessary information about use, storage and environmental impact. Monitoring of environmental laws and regulations is also an important part.


Our core values are speed, agility and efficiency under control.

We are working systematically with our own Lean concept, Smart, that ensures order and structure and continuous improvement with the customer in focus. “From farm to table,” “from start to finish”, and “closing the loop ” are expressions that describe how important it is for us to see the big picture and ensure interaction between different parts of our offerings to satisfy our clients. It’s what Smart is all about for us.

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Our environmental goals are focused on the following areas:

Waste disposal.

Sheet metal is our main raw material and metal recycling has a well-developed system and market for recycling residual materials and metal-end products. Our goal is to minimize waste volumes and especially waste disposal.


We are constantly working to minimize the environmental impact of transport. Here we work together with environmentally certified freight companies, efficient transport planning and company travel.


Continuously reducing our electricity consumption in the business is something we want to achieve in every aspect. This by investing in new, more energy efficient machines, but also through better temperature control in our premises. We have also installed lighting control so that lights are not lit when it is not needed. No activity is too small!

Our qualitative goals are focused on the following areas:

Customer Claims.

For us, quality is essential. The most important thing in delivering the right quality, is to understand the customer specification – and to agree to it. But whatever ambitions we have, there will always be complaints. When this happens, we work actively with the customer to solve the problem, and to secure that it will not happen again.


We are constantly working to reduce the number of errors in the production, and in that way minimize the cassation. It is an internal process we work with continuously – but errors will occur. We try to reuse or readjust the material if possible. In worst case, it will be scrap.