We love what we do.

Initially, we were simply and solely a sheet metal manufacturing company, but we have developed into a more complete supplier of services in the areas of development, manufacturing, purchasing, and logistics along the entire value chain.

But in actuality, it’s about solving problems. An important element is being inquiring, interested, and curious to understand our customers’ products and the challenges they face. Simply put, we’re looking beyond the steel plate.

We try to find new solutions to old problems our clients present to us as challenges. We don’t see the problem as a problem but as an opportunity to develop our offerings.

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Design & Development

We like challenges.

A large part of the costs of manufacturing is determined early in the design of the product.

To design right from the start is crucial to the product living up to requirements at the right cost. It involves materials, different types of sheet metal, and manufacturing methodology. Automation versus manual production.

By having us involved early in the process, you get access to our expertise and experience. Speed and efficiency in product development are critical success factors. We know what drives costs and what you need to consider. We can take responsibility for specific parts of your development project under your guidance.

Many of our clients have their own high level of expertise in sheet metal design and processing but use us as a sounding board to test their ideas and concepts.

Sheet metal manufacturing

We know sheet metal.

We are one of Scandinavia’s leading manufacturers of sheet metal components and can offer customised sheet metal components with very high precision.

We have state of the art machinery for the processing of small, large, and advanced sheet metal components. A high degree of automation and flexibility makes us very competitive for both low and high volume production series. Our clients are active in most industries and from them we gained experience with a wide range of customer requirements.

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Purchasing & logistics

We keep your promises.

In order to be a top-notch supplier, we offer logistics solutions for everything from raw materials to completely assembled products.

According to your needs, we choose the most effective solution available to ensure short lead times at the lowest possible cost to you. We can also take responsibility for your spare parts management.

We have extensive experience in supporting our clients in their strategic purchasing activities. Here you get the benefit of our local and global procurement network to obtain the right cost at the right quality. Not only that, but it saves you time and money if we do the purchasing for you.

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