New investment at Wermland Mechanics!

In order to take the next step in our development, we have made a number of major investments in machinery and production facilities. Our production facilities have been expanded with 2,000 square meters in two steps to enable our machine investments and more efficient flow in our manufacturing. We have made the following investments partly to increase our capacity and competitiveness and to have access to the latest technology in sheet metal manufacturing.

Extension of Prima Power FMS Night-Train Automated Material Storage System. We have extended the existing equipment by 25 meters. We have now got 80 more new material cassettes. In total, we now have 300 material cassettes in our Night-Train. This allows us to integrate more machines directly into our material storage system.

We have also invested in a PrimaPower LPe6F combined punch and fiber laser. The machine is fully integrated with our Night-Train. The machine is equipped with threading unit where we have the ability to have eight different thread sizes rigged at the same time.

This investment is now in full production!