We know Sheet Metal.

We are one of Scandinavia’s leading manufacturers of sheet metal components and can offer customized sheet metal parts with very high precision.

We have state of the art machinery for the processing of small, large, and advanced sheet metal articles. A high degree of automation and flexibility makes us very competitive for both low and high volume production series. Our clients are active in most industries and from them we gained experience with a wide range of customer requirements.

More about our equipment

Laser cutting & punching

Our machinery consist of state of the art equipment from different suppliers and with different benefits. That means we have everything from punching machines  to combined punching/laser machines, punching/angle cutters and simple laser machines. All of our machinery is equipped with automation equipment for unmanned operation.

Robotcell för bockning av plåt


Our vision is that all our bending operations should be automated!
To achieve this vision, we work closely with our machinery suppliers and are at the forefront in terms of equipment and expertise. An important part here is that together with our customers, we are able to adapt the products for automated bending processing right from the design phase.



Everything is possible!
We offer our clients assembly facilities at a range of levels depending on their requirements. We deliver complete products and less complex sub-modules. We take responsibility for testing and configuration and ensure that the entire product flow is optimised.

The products consist of sheet metal mechanics that we manufacture ourselves and components we procure for you. Here you get the benefit of our local and global purchasing network.


We currently have three welding robot cells. 
A fully automatic cell for spot welding and two semi-automatic cells with turntables, one of which can handle TIG and MIG welding on the same product.

Other welding is done manually by certified welders.

Powder Coating

In-house powder coating gives us flexibility!
Our powder coating process is in Töcksfors. It is conveyor based and uses iron phosphating as a pre-treatment. The equipment is flexible and tailored to permit very fast colour changes. Purity is strongly emphasised, since the articles requiring powder coating usually have very high surface demands.

We powder coat articles to a length of 3000 mm and a height of 1200 mm.

Konstruktion och prototyper i tunnplåt


From idea to reality!
3D Solid models and drawings is exciting but eventually they have to be transferred to prototypes! We currently do our prototyping in a separate process, but in serial production machinery. We also offer certain process simulations prior to prototyping to ensure that the items are feasible to manufacture. We are glad to help you with this in the shortest possible lead time. Here we create a lot of value for our clients.

Right from the start!

Machines, machines, and even more machines …

We’re extremely proud of our machines. To stay ahead of the competition, we are investing in new technology. It develops our skills and our offerings. Machines are hard, but there are also “soft” parts in an optimal process. The entire chain is important – planning, manufacturing, materials management, and quality assurance … in other words the interaction between “hard” and “soft”.

Production machinery in Töcksfors

  • 1 FinnPower Night Train, fully automatic material handling systems
  • 2 FinnPower Fully automatic combi machines for punching and laser cutting
  • 3 FinnPower Fully automatic punching machines
  • 1 Salvagnini fibre laser with fully automatic material handling systems
  • 1 Trumpf 6 kW fiber laser
  • 1 Salvagnini S4X + P4X bending machine with integrated punching machine
  • 1 Salvagnini P4 bending machine with packaging robot
  • 1 Trumpf Bendmaster (press brake cell)
  • 1 double-robot TruBend Cell 7000
  • 3 Robotised Press Brake cells
  • 8 Press brakes
  • 2 Coil-fed Excenter presses
  • 4 Excenter presses
  • 1 ABB Welding robot cell TIG/MIG
  • 3 Spot Welding machines
  • 1 Spot Welding robot cell
  • 4 Riveting machines
  • 1 Powder-coating system (conveyor-controlled)
  • 1 Degree machine SteelMaster

Production machinery in Svanskog

  • 1 Trumpf fiber laser
  • 2 Salvagnini bending machine P2
  • 2 Automatic Trumpf combi machines
  • 2 Automatic Amada punching machines
  • 3 Robot served Press Brake cells
  • 5 Manual Press Brake cells
  • 2 Riveting machines
  • 3 Spot welding machines 
  • 1 Tig welder
  • 3 Mig welders
  • 1 Robot welding cell
  • 1 Roll bending